Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cheap Greek Yogurt?

While I was at the grocery store I spotted Yoplait's new Greek style yogurt for $1. I grabbed one of each of the flavors: blueberry, strawberry, plain, and honey vanilla. 

I tried the blueberry yogurt and it's really good.  Not at all overly sweet tasting like most fat free yogurts.  While $1 a yogurt is still sort of pricey (Rachel's yogurts are $.79), Yoplait is still cheaper than other brands.  It's not organic though...

          Honey Vanilla         
            Strawberry             Plain
Cals:          130                   100
Fat:               0                       0
Carbs:         19                     10
Sugar:         18                       9
Protein:       12                     14


Vic said...

Thanks for the find... that is way cheaper than other Greek yogurts I've seen!

balanceformere said...

I need to find that yogurt! I looked today and didn't see it. But I am hope it will show up soon.