Thursday, February 11, 2010

Google search: white bean kale soup

And one of the recipes that will pop up will come from Whole Foods.  It's cold and rainy, and I've eaten too much Valentine's chocolate already, so I needed a veggie soup tonight.  I found this recipe via the blackberry on my way home and stopped by the store to pick up the ingredients

Chop 1 c. onion

Saute in some EVOO for 3 minutes, then add 4 cloves of minced garlic

Add 1 can of Italian diced tomatoes, 32 oz of veggie stock, and a can of drained carrots

Add 4 c. chopped kale (I used one bunch of swiss chard) Cover and simmer until leaves are wilted and soft

Stir in 1 can of drained and rinsed Great Northerns and heat through.  Serve with some grated parm.

Tasty, cheap, and easy!  This wasn't the white bean soup I was looking for, but it definitely did the job.  I bet it will taste even better tomorrow for lunch.  I wasn't a fan of the broth I grabbed or the sweetness of the tomatoes.  I'll probably use plain diced tomoates next time and my usual broth.  There was also no spices, salt, or pepper mentioned, and it definitely needed some s&p.  Still, it was good!

Serves 4

Cal: 230
Fat: 8*
Carbs: 32
Fiber: 7
Protein: 8

*The recipe calls for 2 tb of EVOO to cook the onions in, but I used a litt EVOO Pam Spray so my fat intake was probably less.  That's OK since I more than made up for it with that 5-15 mini peanut butter cups I had today.

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