Saturday, February 13, 2010

hearts & runnings shoes

I heard yesterday that Starbucks had cute Valentine's cups, so clearly I had to spend $4 to have one!  I also treated myself to a reduced-fat cinnamon swirl coffee cake.

Totally worth it!  It made my day!

During my break I saw a huge moving truck back up towards the school.  I was interested in seeing what was being brought in, and was thrilled to see the entire truck filled with heart balloons!  These were Valentine grams that were being delivered later that day.  So fun!

I love Valentine's.  I wore my heart earrings and pink and black.  I gave out cards to the teachers and even got a few gifts too.  I even got a balloon from one of my super sweet kiddos!  So kind!

After work I met up with some friends and Texas Land & Cattle to eat some beef.  Not.  I thought about it, but I went with grilled shrimp and mashed potatoes instead!  I haven't had potatoes in forever, and again, I treated myself.

I loved me yesterday apparently :)

This morning it's time to pack for Austin and the race.  I'm bringing a couple of options for tomorrow morning, and am excited to check out the expo today.  I need to buy some more Gu (I liked the berry, and am scared to try the vanilla or chocolate), look for a new running pullover, and buy a charger for my Shuffle since I broke the last one.  Then  I'm ATX bound!  Me, the road, This American Life, and some coffee!

Ausitn folks running, we need to somehow meet up!  I would love it.

Good luck to everyone running tomorrow and Hapy Valentine's Day!


rena said...

Good luck tomorrow!

balanceformere said...

Valentine's day with kids are crazy! Good luck on the race tomorrow!

Laura said...

Chocolate gu tastes fine- chocolate and cappachino (sp?) are all I eat!

TX Runner Mom said...

LOL, I love those Starbucks cups too...and the reduced fat cinnamon swirl coffee cake.