Thursday, February 11, 2010

Impulse Purchases

I've been running in and out of stores this week and have made random purchases along the way.  We're doing secret pals at work this week, so on Monday I stopped by HEB to pick up a snacky gift.  I spotted the new OPI Alice in Wonderland campaign and had to grab a polish.

"Thanks So Muchness"
This polish actually reminds of Dorothy's red slippers.  It looks great with a clear top coat on it.  I'm looking for "Mad As a Hatter," a confetti glitter polish.

Then one morning I stopped at Wal-Mart to grab my pal some cute Post-Its (who doesn't love fun office supplies?) and remembered I've been out of brown and black eyeliner for weeks now.  I grabbed CoverGirl Outlast liners.*

Today I stopped by Bath and Body Works to pick up a gift card.  I never really go in there, but during Christmas I stepped in and liked two scents. I checked them out again but was still torn and didn't want to spend money on something I wasn't excited about.  BUT THEN!  As I was paying for the gift card I saw a 50% off rack.  Not only was the fragrance I was interested featured on it, but it was in a small roll-on applicator and for $3.50!  SOLD!  One Fragrant Waters Roll-On in Black Amethyst for me!

*This morning I was putting on my eyeliner at school and a teacher came in to talk to me.  I had only lined one eye and she was having a semi-serious conversation with me.  Clearly I was stressed out and not really listening to her.  I felt like the guy on Clockwork Orange.


balanceformere said...

I love the red sparkly polish. That is my favorite summer color.

rena said...

I saw that "Mad As a hatter" and i really want to find it!