Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I’ve got cramps

And not the lady kind. I have been getting terrible cramps in my arches for a while. It’s happened a couple of times in yoga, and when I’m painting my toes. When I ran Austin I felt a sharp pain in my arch towards the end of the race, but it wasn’t a full on cramp. Now that I think about it I’ve had my outer toes cramp up when I’ve been doing a body pump class. Hmm…

Well last night while I was sleeping I had the worst cramp in my arch. I was almost in tears as I hobbled around trying to get the muscle to loosen up. My foot still hurts today (did I pull a muscle?).

Have you ever had cramps in your arches? Any suggestions? I’m wondering if rolling my foot on a tennis ball would help. I added banana to my oatmeal this morning, but I’m thinking that’s not going to help. Any advice would be much appreciated!

Also, highlight of my day:

(As I’m putting my black coat on at the end of the day)
6th grade boy #1: You look like you’re about to get into a limo, Miss.
6th grade boy #2: Yeah, you look very LA.


Vic said...

I get terrible charlie horse type cramps in my arch sometimes. They really can make me cry. I used to have that pain time and again while running, but it just sort of stopped/I ignored it. Hmm... may be worth asking your Dr about if it gives you lots more problems.

What SWEET 6th grade boys!! Uhhh they sure didn't exist when I was in 6th grade. Slash I probably didn't look nearly as cute as their adorable teacher does today.

Anonymous said...

it's called plantar facitious (might be spelling it wrong) i had it when i was training for the marathon. i went to chiro and they worked it a lot. it is VERY painful.
i also had to put my foot in a bucket of ice a few times a week. NO BUENO.
the past thing to do is to freeze a bottle water and in your free time roll your foot (the arch) back and forth over it- a lot. It hurts but that's what it is.
good luck!!

Anonymous said...

that should be the "best" not "past"

l.borrego said...

The frozen water bottle sounds like a good plan, thanks for the idea! I wear pretty flat shoes to work...I'm wondering if that's also part of the problem. I'll try the water bottle soon though!

Meredith said...

That started happening to me in yoga/pilates a while back and then would linger--like you said, bothering me when i was running. I don't notice it too much these days, but one thing i found that helped is rolling the arch over a tennis ball (same idea as the water bottle). It's a much more effective way to knead and stretch it out. Also, do you have any resistance bands--the flat stretchy kind, not the tubes? Those help to stretch out your foot. Maybe you need more supportive insoles in your running shoes? I had a pair (asics maybe?) that had flatter insoles, so I got some inserts and i think that helped... good luck. i empathize!

sebower said...

I get arch cramps as well as toe cramps...they really hurt! Right around the same time that they were really bad my feet "grew" a half size, and i think it was because I was wearing shoes that were too flat. I think my arches were stretched out too much, which made my shoe size change. They make those arch inserts to put into shoes, and those seem to help. I've also tried to be more intentional when I buy shoes now, and make sure that they're well-made with good arch support. If you're having planterfascitis the pain is like a stabbing feeling...I was starting to get that with the really flat flats...i got new flats (yay!) that had better arch support and the pain has almost completely stopped.