Monday, February 8, 2010

Lady Stuff

What's worst than having to try on a million bras at the store?

Trying on a million sports bras.

I did it though, and I left when one that I'm pretty pleased with.  With tax it came out to about $37, which makes me cringe, but then I think about how neccessary a really good sports bra is.  I really wanted one with a lot of support, and needed a black bra for my race this weekend.

I like the girls to feel strapped down, and I found myself going down a cup and band size (36D to 34C)

I love that it has a back closure and adjustable straps, but the straps are a bit funky.  They secure with velcro unlike a regular bra.

I would still like to find a sports bra that has underwire and a racerback (this one will not look great with my running tanks).

Do you have any sports bras you swear by?


Vic said...

I've had a great experience with the Moving Comfort brand! I wear their Maia bras:

The straps are way thicker than the one you got, but they do their job well. Like you, I also need serious support and can't wear the cute little (and CHEAP) sports bras but I'd rather have the girls in good shape for years to come!

I've rotated the Maias during my training (since August) and they are still in decent shape. I think I'm going to stick with them since I found a bra that doesn't chafe at all.

Claudia said...

I just purchased a TaTa Tamer from Lululemon yesterday. My Sister loves it and swears by it, as do some of my friends... But they aren't Runners, so it will be interesting to see how it holds up during my run.

TX Runner Mom said...

I use the same one and love it! I need to buy a few more and add them to the rotation. :-)

balanceformere said...

I have a Nike Livestrong sports bra that I love. I put it on and forget about my boobs. It was amazing the first time I wore it. I have never ran and not felt my chest move. I need to buy several more but they are $25 and that is a lot to me.

Sarah Beth said...

I swear by mine that's made by Enell. It was one of Oprah's favorite things a few years back and is made especially for ladies with....bigger ladies.
It's a bit pricy as well( I think in the $50 range), and isn't underwire but I can't tell you how much I love this thing, the difference in support is night and day!