Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saints Win!

I'm so happy the Saints won!  We had a great dinner of grilled fajita meat, chicken, and tons of yummy sides: grilled potato salad, pasta salad, and Meixcan coleslaw (a yummy and healthy slaw with cilantro, black beans, and corn added to it!)

Of course, we also had some sweets!  Kings Cake to root on the Saints and make the party more festive.
And yummy soft cookies with delicious icing (and I am not a fan of icing, but these...oooh!!!)

I won't lie, I had too many of these!

I also shared a Winter Stout.  Not as good as on draft, but still nice!

While the game was great and kept me entertained, clearly we were also judging which commercials were worth the $$$ ($3 mil each one?!)  My favorites:

Hope you enjoyed the game!


rena said...

i am happy the Saints won too! I woke up at 5am to check the score and it was basically tied, then again 2 hours later and they had won! Hurray! Remember our king cake cupcakes? ;)

Vic said...

Mmmm Kings Cake! Awesome!

The party we went to had lots of cute football-shaped sugar cookies, half iced in blue with the Colts logo and half iced in gold with the Saints logo. Let's just say I had more than my fair share of Saints cookies!

Emily said...

The Google commercial was definitely my favorite from this year's Super Bowl. But, my hubs and I met on study abroad, which could explain my love for it.