Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Buys

Why do weekends go by so quickly?  I think 4 day work weeks need to be standard.  You're forced to be more productive in that short amount of time and then get plenty of time to recoup.  Vote for me for president!

Shopping was kept to a minimum and I only ventured into my two secret stores (My friend S and I came up with secret stores when we would compliment the other's clothes and then ask where it came from.  We both confessed that on top of the regular stores everyone hits up, we had *secret stores* that are not so much on the radar but that are part of our shopping trail.)

Secret store #1: Kohl's
Apt. 9 Button Down Blouse

AB Studio Top


Secret Store #2: JC Penny
St. John's Tee

a.n.a Metallic Striped Tee

I'm very glad I tried on the flower blouse.  It's not a material I usually choose and it's shirred on the sides, but when I tried it on it fit great!  I plan on wearing it this week with slacks to work, and this weekend with black skinny jeans and my patent leather wedges. 

I also need to say I love my secret stores because they both carry items in petite.  Three out of four tops are petite, which makes me even more satisfied with my purchases because I know they fit well.

I've also realized my jewelry options for work have been limited to earrings since I have to wear an ID around my neck.  Long necklaces get tangled up with the lanyard and short necklaces look awkward.  I've been doing a good job with the earrings, but my bracelet and ring options are minimal.  I'll be keeping an eye out from now on though.


rena said...

lovin' all the purchases

Claudia said...

LOVE the St.John's Tee!!