Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Remember when all of a sudden we were dunzo with March?

One more day in March to go!  This was the fastest month ever.

Day 7 Menu

oatmeal, almond milk, 1/2 banana

forgot it :(

Salad: spring mix, mushrooms, carrots, olives, chickpeas, lemon
1 c. Amy's Curried Lentil Soup

Cucumbers w/lemon and salt, Amy's Bean & Rice Burrito - Non Dairy, edamame


Dear Amy, I love you.  Thank you for making delcious food that I can devour.

The burrito was so good, and I didn't even notice there was not cheese in it.  I forgot my avacado for salad, so it tasted sort of blah, and then I realized I left my apple!  What a sad day.

Last night I met a friend at Starbucks, and I knew rolling up I would be drinking caffeine-free tea instead of my usual double tall skinny latte.  I went with the Vanilla Rooibos--YUM!  I've been trying to find out if I can buy this in the grocery store or at Starbucks...I'll have to ask.

Even though this is a short work week I feel like it's/I'm dragging.  I have a 5K on Saturday that I'm looking forward to.  Also, I love how sunny and cool it's been these last few days.  It's time to start running in a tank so I can get a little sunshine glow on my skin!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Almond Milk Monday

Day 6 Menu

1/2 c. each of oatmeal, water, and almond milk, and banana


Salad: spring mix, mushrooms, carrots, olives, chickpeas, Annie's Naturals Lite Gingerly Vinaigrette

salad, 1 c. Amy's Curried Lentil Soup, olive tortilla chips

banana & pb

I took the plunge yesterday and bought almond milk.  I wasn't very excited about trying it, but I must say the flavor is very mild, not at all like soy milk.  I bought the original and unsweetened chocolate, but I haven't gotten into to the chocolate one yet.

I wanted to change up my salad a bit and thought a lite dressing would be the way to go.  Annie's Naturals* has lots of dressings to choose from, and and I opted for the ginger vinaigrette since it was lower in fat and cals.

For dinner, I was too tired to cook so I opted for soup and salad.  I was surprised that the Curried Lentil soup had 230 calories per serving and 8 grams of fat.  It was good, but it really didn't taste much different than the other lentil or split pea soups, and I believe they are less in cals and fat.  I was expecting more curry flavor.

I'm still working on Jillian Michael's No More Trouble Zones.  Ay!  She kills me.  Thanks, Jill.  The plan is to get to bed early so I can run in the morning.  It's going to be dark, but if I can get a couple of miles in maybe I'll get that boost of energy I need from endorphins rather than coffee.

Oh, coffee.  I miss you.

*Now that I think about it, on the detox you're not supposed to have condiments, and I'm pretty sure there's sugar in that dressing.  As S would say, FAIL!  Oh well.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

End of the road

Well today was a fabulous Sunday!  I started the day off by doing some quick shopping for a green top to wear to the game this afternoon.  While I didn't find it at Target, I did spot these super cute cardigans on clearance for $4!  They looked like they were just unpacked from boxes, so I'm not sure why they're already on sale, but I scooped one up.

Then it was off to the game!  Baylor was playing against Duke, and it was an exciting game.  Both teams were giving it their all.  We were leading at halftime...

But sadly the Bears couldn't hold on in the last three minutes.  Still, it was a great day to be a Baylor fan!

After the game I went to the sore to pick up food for the week.  I will be sticking with the detox again for the week.  Even though I splurged yesterday I ate well today...with the exception of a very sweet Mexican cocktail.  I have had a headache ever since and I think it's because of the sugar.  I'm not doing my body any favors by switching my diet so drastically back and forth.

For dinner tonight I had a Mexican fiesta.  I found these delicious chips at the store--wow!  Please go get some, or check out their website to see the other flavors they have.  Chocolate?  Oh, I will be getting those next week.

I bought most of the stuff I ate last week, but now that I have this gluten/dairy-free/vegan eye I was spotting goodies left and right.  I'll share more of my finds throughout the week.

Raise you're hand if you're excited about a four day work week!

New blog in the works..

Actually, same old blog, but with a new name and new address.  It's hard to come up with a name. "Let me put this in perspective for you" is actually a line from the movie Chocolat (a favorite of mine and a must see, especially during Lent), and I was watching it at the time I decided to start blogging.  I get stressed out over making permant or longterm decisions...in all areas of my life...and usually I just check out so I don't have an anxiety attack.

And yes, I've been wanting a new name for the blog for months now but I get stressed out.


So I'm trying to decide what I mostly write about so I can properly give this blog a good sense of identity.

Oh my gosh, my blog and I are having an identity crisis.

Wine and cake!

I knew I would not be doing the detox this weekend since the game was on friday and I was going to a wedding on Saturday.  I resisted that chocolate wedding cake on Monday, but I made up for it last night!  Delicious, moist, chocolate groom's cake!

I stuck to the detox for the first half of the morning, eating oats and a salad (and passing on the pizza that was being served up at work even though that meant I wouldn't eat for another 2 hours).  At the wedding, the detox was out the window! Oh my gosh, I love brie, and mashed potatoes and bread.  Hey, go ahead and bread that chicken breast while you're at it.  And give me a few glasses of fermented grape juice to wash it down :) 

I did have some pineapple and veggies, too.

And then what happened?

Winner!  I caught the bouquet <3

About to go shopping for a cute green top to wear to the Baylor/Duke game this afternoon.  Sic'em Bears!

PS: That is the LC dress, and someone else had it on too.  I hate that!  However, someone also had on the LOFT dress, so I would have been someone's twin either way.  Must say though that the LC dress is super short and sitting down was an issue.  I'm 5'3" and this dress was not a petite, so if you're tall be prepared to stand while wearing this dress.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sic'em Detox Day 5

Day 5 Menu

Oatmeal w/water, natural PB, banana, sliced almonds

Apple & Grapes

Salad greens topped with roasted veggies

Stadium nachos (chips & cheese)

2 Shiners

As of this morning, I've lost 5 lbs on the detox.  Not too shabby.  I'm excpecting to gain a little back over the weekend since I have lots of events going on, but the detox may be good to try to stick to during the week. Detox from the weekends.  Oh, and I wore my slim jeans which were tight in the booty and the waist the weekend before, and they were just right!  Praise!

Last night I headed to Relient Stadium to watch the Baylor Bears play St. Marys!!!

Sic'em Bears! We won...by a lot.

A friend from undergrad was in the suites and invited us up to watch the Duke/Purdue game.  So nice!

It was a great game, and this Sunday I'll be back to watch Baylor go up against Duke!  Scary, but I'm excited either way.  There was so much green and gold in the stands, it was awesome!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Detox Day 4

Day 4 Menu

Oatmeal w/water, natural PB, banana, sliced almonds

Apple & Reeses PB Egg

Salad greens topped with roasted veggies

Banana & PB

Amy's Black Bean Enchilada Whole Meal

I have never had a frozen Mexican dinner, but this was so good!  Oh, Amy.  I love you.

Yes, I did crack today and had some candy.  Sorry.  My lunch didn't hold me over and I brought a tiny apple.  By the end of the day I was feeling blah.  I dipped into my candy stash I use to bribe folks, and it was delicious.  And then gone, and left me wanting more.  I wish I had another snack that would have been more satisfying.. 

Again, the lack of caffeine is still killing me.  Is it the caffeine or sugar?!  I do not know, but I know a cup of coffee would make me so happy.  I would be willing to stick and not slip to the rest of this detox if I was allow to drink a cup of joe every day.  Just one.  Just one traveler mug's worth.

Oh, so I would like to say that yes I have lost some weight, about 3-4 lbs.  Yes, that sounds like a lot, but remembered I gained about 2 over my cannot-pass-go limit.  So I'm thinking as of now I'm back to my happy medium place.

(Sidenote: tomorrow and Saturday I will not be sticking to the detox.  I may or may not reveal what I chomp down on and sip!)

So I decided I did not love my dress that I bought from LOFT.  There is another dress I've been lusting after on the site, but it's apparently not available in Texas?  Vhy.

I stopped by Kohl's to return two Simply Vera blouses--way too flowy even in petite--and decided to try on every dress in there, even some that I thought looked like a hot mess on the hanger.  I left with two of those hot messes.

From mess to success!  The LC dress is actually pretty fitted and short, even for someone who buys petite.  The Elle dress was surprisingly cute, esp without those crazy leggings.  I definitely like both of these dresses more than the LOFT dress.  Keepers!

This week has flown by, which I knew it would, and the weekend will be the same.  Like a true non-stop weekend, complete with late nights and early mornings.  And then I have a 5K the next weekend, and a 10K the weekened after that...so I guess I'll sleep in mid-April.

Tomorrow after work I'm heading to Relient Stadium to cheer on the Baylor Bears as the make their first appearance in the NCAA Sweet Sixteen!

Sic'em Bears!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Detox Day 3

Day 3 Menu

Oatmeal w/water, natural PB, banana, sliced almonds


Salad & 1 c. Amy's Organic Lentil Soup

banana (craving something sweet...like chocolate cake or chocolate chip cookies...or cookies'n'cream ice cream)

Roasted Veggies: Cauliflower, sweet potato, squash, zuchinni, onion, chickpeas w/ EVOO and sprinkled with garlic powder, Italian seasoning, S&P...served with fresh squeezed lemon

Again, I wasn't feeling crazy hungry today until I got home from work, but I think that's pretty normal for/a problem I need to work on.  My soup was so delish though!  Loving Amy's. 

As I was writing this blog I got a sweet tooth and thought, man, I cannot eat anything sweet right now!  My banana will have to do.

Does anyone know of any gluten-free vegan sites?

I looked for a few but those people were hardcore, like practically eating raw.  I need to look up more info on the detox I'm doing because I wonder if I can have natural sweeteners like honey or sorghum...probably not.  I guess I need to go restock my banana stash.

I've been drinking yummy flavored tea, Celestial Seasonings Fruit Tea Sampler.  Black Cherry Berry has been my favorite, but I'm slowly working through/enjoying all of them.  They're caffeine free, but...well, no but.  They taste good and I still feel like death in the morning!

I told everyone at work that I wasn't drinking caffeine this week, lest they think the reason I look like death is that I'm hungover or on drugs.  Someone asked if I had coffee in my mug this morning and one of my kiddos answered: She's not drinking caffeine, she's cleaning her body!

Thank you.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Detox Day 2

Day 2 Menu
Oatmeal w/water, natural PB, banana (Oh, I'll be eating this all week!)


Salad: spring mix, carrot matchsticks, 1/2 avacado, 1/2 lemon, a few pickle slices diced, small handful of chickpeas, broccoli, sunflower seeds

banana and a few dry roasted peanuts

Same salad--It was so good!

My picture doesn't do my salad justice.  I love salad and I do not know why I have been neglecting it!  I think my body is going to love all of the fresh veggies I put in it today (Comet even discovered he loves chickpeas!  He's a very picky eater and the only human food he likes has been celery)

Once again, I woke up later than I had planned and it was hard getting out of bed.  My energy is low, low, low, and I know it's not because of the food I'm eating (I counted calories today and had about 1500).  I think my body is missing the sugar and caffeine.  I haven't been too mindful in the past of the sugar that sneaks into my snacks and meals...and desserts.  Maybe that's why I'm tired?  Who knows.  What I do know is I'm not feeling hungry, this hasn't been too hard, and I love knowing that I'm eating all good things.

Ok, back to the salad.  I went ahead and prepped some of my salad ingredients so they're easy to throw together.  The broccoli and celery are chopped and put in tupperware, as are the chickpeas which were drained and rinsed, and I bought the carrots cut already.  It truly take 2 mins to put my salad together!

Temptation #1 for today: I was in a meeting and they had a basket full of crackers and cookies, and a plate of small chocolates.  Ok, ordinarily I'd get the wheat crackers and 1-2 squares of chocolates, but I resisted.

Did I tell you I just got my order of Girl Scout cookies in this week? Temption #2.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Detox Day 1

Well, this was not the week to do a detox!

My body is so not used to having to go, go, go all day long.  I overslept and today was a NEED CAFFEINE day.  I resisted, but I looked like I was in pain.  And I was.  My eyes were killing me because the lights seemed to bright, and everything was super noisy.  Ugh.  I'm going to go to bed early tonight and hopefully be ready to roll in the morn.

Also, I walk into the lounge and what do I see? CHOCOLATE CAKE!  Not only was it chocolate, but it was WEDDING CAKE! I true screamed.  I love wedding cake, and chocolate cake, so especially chocolate wedding cake.  The only thing better is chocolate birthday cake!  Again, I resisted and gnawed on my amazingly delicious and not-chocolately apple.

Day 1 Menu
Oatmeal w/water, natural PB, banana


Amy's Teriyaki Bowl

Cucumbers w/lemon

Amy's Organic Split Pea Soup

Honestly, I never felt very hungry, but this afternoon I was really tired and ate my snack late and then got super hungry as soon as I came home.  The teriyaki bowl I had for lunch was so good!  I had never had it.  Lots of nutty brown rice, though a little light on the veggies.  You could easily steam some more and add it to the bowl.  I have never had split pea soup before, and I was nervous.  I enjoyed it!  Thick and peppery, and about 200 calories for the whole can.

So Amy's is the best quick-fix meal for this detox.   All of their products are meat-free, so score.  I went online and made a list of foods that were both dairy and gluten free.  When I went to the store I used the list and stocked up.  At the particular store I went to last night they didn't have much to offer, but I still left with two frozen meals and three cans of soup.  Definitely not bad and perfect for a day like today when I'm feeling tired.

Here is a short list of Amy's Gluten/Dairy Free Meals‏:

Frozen Foods:
Light in Sodium Brown Rice & Veggies Bowl
Teriyaki Bowl
Brown Rice, Black-Eyed Peas & Veggies Bowl
Brown Rice & Vegetables Bowl
Baked Ziti Bowl
Black Bean Enchilada Whole Meal
Black Bean Tamale Verde
Roasted Vegetable Tamale
Bistro Burger
Indian Mattar Tofu
Indian Vegetable Korma

Canned Goods:
Organic Tuscan Bean & Rice Soup
Organic Black Bean Chili
Organic Medium Chili
Organic Medium Chili with Vegetables
Organic Spicy Chili
Southwestern Black Bean Chili
Curried Lentil Soup
Hearty Spanish Rice & Red Bean Soup
Organic Black Bean Vegetable Soup
Organic Chunky Vegetable Soup
Organic Fire Roasted Southwestern Vegetable Soup
Organic Lentil Soup
Organic Lentil Vegetable Soup
Organic Split Pea Soup
Thai Coconut Soup

My goal for tomorrow is to drink lots more water.  I'll taking my Nalgenes with me!


So spring break is over (booooo) and much fun was had.  Lots of amazing food and drink were consumed.  Lots.

Like, a lot, a lot.

Also, I have decided to finally admit what I already knew: The scale lies.


Because I have stayed in my window (you know, that weight you are semi-satisfied with, give or take 2 lbs), for over a year now, but I for sure am not feeling/looking as good as I did a year ago.  I'm not working out as much or eating what I should be, and we all know I've had way too much oat soda this past week. 

Also, I bought this dress in a smaller size because it fit weird in my usual size, but it's a little tight...And I want to wear it this weekend:

So the detox:
No dairy
No grains with gluten
No meat or shellfish
No processed food including all soy products
No fatty nuts
No produce from the nightshade family — white potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant
No condiments
No sugar
No alcohol, caffeine or soda

I went grocery shopping and honestly, my cart didn't look too different.  I've bolded the things I'm going to struggle with, especially since there are some important events happening this week.

You're supposed to do the detox for 7 days.  I may prolong it since I know Friday and Saturday I'm going to slip.  Already know it and am fine with it!  So I'll probably do it for about 10 days.

Honestly, this is a vegan and gluten free diet, so it's not like it's crazy.  People live life this way, and are still functional...and probably really, really good looking.

Here is my meal plan for Monday:

Oatmeal w/water, natural PB, banana


An Amy's frozen meal

Cucumbers with lemon

Big salad or roasted veggies

Like I said, not so bad.  I'm going to make a plug for Amy's tomorrow and how their food fits in perfectly with this detox and adds a little variety to your meals.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bearathon - CANCELLED

I will not lie, I am not sad.

1. I knew this was going to be a tough race and to make it through I was going to need near perfect conditions

2. The weather got crazy.  We have had sunny skies in Texas for the past week, but a cold front is pushing through and it started raining this morning around 6 a.m. The race was scheduled to start at 8 a.m.

By the time I arrived it was 39 degrees and monsooning.  It felt like you were getting hit by hail.  Packet pick up was crazy  because they had to move it in doors to Russell Gym, and everyone was coming in wet, but they did a great job.  These are college students that organize and run the whole race.  They then moved us into the SUB (Student Union Building for you non-Baylor folks) and told us they were postponing the race until 9 a.m., but if there was any lightning within 30 mins. of the start time it would be cancelled.  Obvs someone saw something.

So confession #1: I thought about doing the Half for about 2 hours this morning.  I drove 3 hours last night, rented a hotel room, bought all of my provisions--I was committed!  When I had to walk from my car to the registration, that committment was lost.  My shoes and socks were soaking wet, my legs were burning they were so cold, and I couldn't feel my hands.  Once inside I decided I would switch to the 5K.  I needed to run something.  However, the race got cancelled so ultimately I just stressed out for nothing.

So for the 2 hours I was out there all I did was check people out.  Men, women, small children--I wanted to know what they were wearing!  I like to do this for all races, but for weather conditions like this I was interested in what people chose.  I thought about wearing my tights, but then decided against them.  If I was going to be soaking wet I didn't want that water soaked into my tights.  I went with shorts.  I tried to find a rain jacket but failed, so I wore my pink pullover since it's made of a wicking material (and it really did dry quickly!)

Confessions #2: On Friday I googled searched "what to wear when running in rain." It was really helpful as I struggled to pack, especially about wearing a hat (and my Nike cap kept my face dry and wasn't soaking wet).  My favorite tip:

Don't Overdress
This is one of the biggest mistakes runners make when heading out for a rainy run. Wearing more layers will not keep you dry. Unless you're running with an umbrella over your head, you will definitely get wet. If you have tons of layers on, you will just be wearing more wet, heavy clothes. Dress for the temperature, as if it were a dry day.

Well, the temperature was freezing so I didn't dress for that!

Ok, so what I saw:
  • Lots of full length tights (men and women)
  • Arm sleeves and compression socks
  • Caps
  • Trash bags/plastic ponchos
  • A few rain jackets...
Basically, I need to add trash bags to my race day provisions.  They help keep you warm, dry, and protect against wind.  This is the third time I've wished I had one.  I'm going to just buy a box and keep them in my trunk.

Jackets: I saw the new Nike rain jacket in white--it looks good!  I also saw a black Mizuno, and it looks pretty thin and sleek.  Lots of  North Face jackets too.  Hello, this is Baylor.  They love them some North Face. 

I feel like gloves were a must, but I don't have water resistant gloves.  Do they make those?

So question: What do you wear when you run in the rain?

Friday, March 19, 2010


Spring break is coming to an end but there's still a lot going on.  Last night I went and saw Muse in concert!

I first heard Muse when the opened for U2 last fall.  I was so impressed with their show that I came home and downloaded the setlist.  I have a lot of thier tracks on my running playlist.

When we first got there we couldn't see a thing!  Our view was completely obstructed by these big white pillars.  We didn't get to "see" the opening band at all.  Before Muse went on we were able to exchange our tickets at the box office (who knew you could do that?  Note to self: never settle).  We were still in our same section, but on the second row and farther toward the front of the stage.  They were great seats!

If you've never heard Muse you should check them out.  They're very rock'n'roll but sing, and I love when boys sing high and he does that a lot!  My favorite song is Starlight.  Buy it.  It's cute and has a fun clapping section.

And the lead singer had on crazy hot pink pants and sparly silver shoes!  I think they were TOMS.


1. Uprising
2. Resistance
3. New Born
4. Supermassive Black Hole
5. MK Ultra
6. Interlude
7. Hysteria Back in Black Outro
8. Nishe
9. United States of Eurasia
10. Feeling Good
11. Helsinki Jam
12. Undisclosed Desires
13. Starlight
14. Unnatural Selection
15. Time is Running Out Burning Bridges Intro
16. Plug in Baby
17. Exogenesis: Symphony, Part 1: Overture
18. Stockholm Syndrome
19. Knights of Cydonia

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chic Runner Giveaway!

Head on over to The Chic Runner for a chance to win this cute charm necklace:

All youhave to do is a leave a comment stating why you love to run. 

I love to run because it gives me the opportunity to focus: on my life, on my community, on which muscles are working to get me one step farther!

Why do you love to run?

Saint Arnold's Newery

Yersterday I stopped by Saint Arnold's new brewery, or the newery as they like to call it.  Very impressive!  For $7 you get four 8 oz samples and get to keep the cup (very eco-friendly, as my friend told the owner).

You can also upgrade to a full pint glass for $5.  I stuck with the baby cup.  I tried the Spring Bock, Amber, and Texas Wheat.  I think I liked Texas Wheat the best.

Saint Arnold is the patron saint of brewers!  The brewery is very environmentally conscious and community-oriented, hosting tons of events around town throughout the year.  Saint Arnold also has a root beer that I've yet to try, but hear is delicious!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nighttime Trail Run!

I heard about the Los Chupacabras de la Noche last summer, a nighttime 10K trail race that takes place in San Antonio.  It sounded like so much fun, but I had already made plans for that weekend.  I decided that I would definitely do it this summer.

Today I got an email about upcoming races and saw that there was one called Chupacabras of Houston.  What?!  I clicked on the link and was pleased to see it was by the same organizers.  I just signed up :)

El Chupacabra de Houston Nighttime Trail Run takes place on Saturday, May 22, and is limited to 500 runners.  The cost is $40, and with the service fee it came to $43.

MTV Spring Break: New Orleans!

Our trip to the Big Easy was a great way to kick-off the break, and I've spent all of today recovering from it!  I think every step we walked was in direct correlation to every bite we took!  Too much food!  But delicious.  I think the best thing I ate was a crab cake from Johnny's Po-Boys.  The po-boys were HUGE but the lady taking orders suggested I get a single crab cake if I wasn't that hungry.  omg, it was HUGE and the best crab cake I've ever had (and I think less than $5?). 

Ok, photo recap:
We stopped by Pat O'Brien's for a famous Hurricane

Hanging out on Magazine Street.  The weather was gorgeous each day we were there!

We went to Emeril's restaurant NOLA and I have to say...so disappointed.  I ordered Hickory Roasted Beef Brisket (I've had better) with Orecchiette Pasta-Brie Cream “Mac & Cheese” (with angel hair pasta b/c they were out of orecchiette apparently) and Bacon Smothered White Beans (which needed salt and were not that good).  I should have gotten the  Carolina Style Pulled Pork Panini on Roasted Onion Bread with Pepperjack Cheese, Potato Salad, Slaw and Green Onion Hush Puppies.  Someone at another table ordered it and it looked so good.  I'll just say avoid NOLA all together and stick to exploring other lesser known local favorites)

Perefect weather and a laissez les bons temps rouler attitude meant taking time to watch street performers and check out all of the artists.

We had a drink at the Omni bar and the bartender suggested we check out the bar at the Monte Leon Hotel, because it was a moving carousel!  It was fun!

Abita Amber, a Louisiana lager.

After that we went to Crescent  City Brewhouse and had a sample of their brews.  Eh, not impressed, but I'm glad I discovered Abita.

The "must" on my list was a visit to Cafe Du Monde.  The cafe au lait was to die for and puts all other coffee to shame!

I've never been to a casino ("I like my money right where I can see it--hanging in my closet!"), but we stopped by Harrah's.  I was willing to part with $5 on the penny slots, but actually won about $4!  I played until I hit back at $5, so I left with what I came in with.  Not too shabby.

One more trip to Cafe Du Monde.  I love the ecclectic crowd these sweet treats lure.  Yes, those are nuns standing behind an indie rock band.

A great trip!  Now time to detox and get in a few more runs before my half marathon on Saturday!

Saturday Spring Outfit

Vicki and jmo both shared their spring outfits, and I wanted to play too! 

Spring in Houston, TX

Yep, I'll be researching where to get pieces to recreate this look!

Spring Break Provisions

On Friday night a few of us decided we needed to kick off spring break with a trip to New Orleans!  We booked a hotel around 10 pm and left on Saturday.  I knew that we would be walking around a lot in New Orleans and wasn't sure what the weather would be.  I was expecting cooler temps and so literally rushed out to buy a jacket (that I had already spied a few days ago):

The weather was sunny and gorgeous during the day, and I really only needed a jacket at night...like when I went to snack on some beingets and the most delicious cafe au lait!

I'll post a full recap of the trip, but let's just say on the last day there I had a shoe emergency.  We passed by a Payless and I ran in to see if I could find some sandals.  I grabbed this super cute pair of flat gladiator sandals.  I was able to power walk around the whole city with no problems, and they're so cute!

photo taken once I got home and caught up on Gossip Girl

Ok, now to post pics from the trip!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I'm on spring break!  I started off my day by waking up super early (my body doesn't know how to sleep in anymore = I'm old), drinking some poorly made coffee, and now I'm listening to Paris Hilton's album.  Yes, I bought.  I don't know what was wrong with me, but I actually like a few songs off of it!

Last night a few of us decided we needed to live la vida loca and go to New Orleans!  We're leaving this afternoon and will spend two nights in the Big Easy.  I love New Orleans, so I'm ready.  I also love that my friends love good food just as much as I do and how after we decided where we'd stay we listed out all the places we wanted to eat at.  Can you say Cafe Du Monde, gumbo, and a trip to one of Emeril's restaurants???  I'm already full.

I also wanted to share a favorite site of mine, The Budget Babe.  This week she previwed the Spring looks of two of my favorite lines: Simply Vera Wang and LOFT.  Click the links to see all of the pictures.

Love everything about the first look, and I'm ordering those pants stat.

Thank you LOFT for showing us how to wear boyfriend jeans in an age-appropriate way