Thursday, March 25, 2010

Detox Day 4

Day 4 Menu

Oatmeal w/water, natural PB, banana, sliced almonds

Apple & Reeses PB Egg

Salad greens topped with roasted veggies

Banana & PB

Amy's Black Bean Enchilada Whole Meal

I have never had a frozen Mexican dinner, but this was so good!  Oh, Amy.  I love you.

Yes, I did crack today and had some candy.  Sorry.  My lunch didn't hold me over and I brought a tiny apple.  By the end of the day I was feeling blah.  I dipped into my candy stash I use to bribe folks, and it was delicious.  And then gone, and left me wanting more.  I wish I had another snack that would have been more satisfying.. 

Again, the lack of caffeine is still killing me.  Is it the caffeine or sugar?!  I do not know, but I know a cup of coffee would make me so happy.  I would be willing to stick and not slip to the rest of this detox if I was allow to drink a cup of joe every day.  Just one.  Just one traveler mug's worth.

Oh, so I would like to say that yes I have lost some weight, about 3-4 lbs.  Yes, that sounds like a lot, but remembered I gained about 2 over my cannot-pass-go limit.  So I'm thinking as of now I'm back to my happy medium place.

(Sidenote: tomorrow and Saturday I will not be sticking to the detox.  I may or may not reveal what I chomp down on and sip!)

So I decided I did not love my dress that I bought from LOFT.  There is another dress I've been lusting after on the site, but it's apparently not available in Texas?  Vhy.

I stopped by Kohl's to return two Simply Vera blouses--way too flowy even in petite--and decided to try on every dress in there, even some that I thought looked like a hot mess on the hanger.  I left with two of those hot messes.

From mess to success!  The LC dress is actually pretty fitted and short, even for someone who buys petite.  The Elle dress was surprisingly cute, esp without those crazy leggings.  I definitely like both of these dresses more than the LOFT dress.  Keepers!

This week has flown by, which I knew it would, and the weekend will be the same.  Like a true non-stop weekend, complete with late nights and early mornings.  And then I have a 5K the next weekend, and a 10K the weekened after I guess I'll sleep in mid-April.

Tomorrow after work I'm heading to Relient Stadium to cheer on the Baylor Bears as the make their first appearance in the NCAA Sweet Sixteen!

Sic'em Bears!


Lindsay Stang said...

We'll be at the game too! Maybe we'll see you there.


rena said...

heyyyyyyyy sic 'em bears!

Vic said...

GO BEARS! I have y'all in my final four (not that it matters b/c I had Kansas winning it all, and they effed that up for me)

Love the new purchases!