Monday, March 22, 2010


So spring break is over (booooo) and much fun was had.  Lots of amazing food and drink were consumed.  Lots.

Like, a lot, a lot.

Also, I have decided to finally admit what I already knew: The scale lies.


Because I have stayed in my window (you know, that weight you are semi-satisfied with, give or take 2 lbs), for over a year now, but I for sure am not feeling/looking as good as I did a year ago.  I'm not working out as much or eating what I should be, and we all know I've had way too much oat soda this past week. 

Also, I bought this dress in a smaller size because it fit weird in my usual size, but it's a little tight...And I want to wear it this weekend:

So the detox:
No dairy
No grains with gluten
No meat or shellfish
No processed food including all soy products
No fatty nuts
No produce from the nightshade family — white potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant
No condiments
No sugar
No alcohol, caffeine or soda

I went grocery shopping and honestly, my cart didn't look too different.  I've bolded the things I'm going to struggle with, especially since there are some important events happening this week.

You're supposed to do the detox for 7 days.  I may prolong it since I know Friday and Saturday I'm going to slip.  Already know it and am fine with it!  So I'll probably do it for about 10 days.

Honestly, this is a vegan and gluten free diet, so it's not like it's crazy.  People live life this way, and are still functional...and probably really, really good looking.

Here is my meal plan for Monday:

Oatmeal w/water, natural PB, banana


An Amy's frozen meal

Cucumbers with lemon

Big salad or roasted veggies

Like I said, not so bad.  I'm going to make a plug for Amy's tomorrow and how their food fits in perfectly with this detox and adds a little variety to your meals.

Happy Monday!


rena said...

you do realize you're doing that detox i did like 5 years ago, it works. it's legit. i also fainted from laying out in the sun too long, so don't do that! ;) i start my detox in april

Vic said...

You are hardcore! Good luck!

Simple Diva said...

yeah your detox made me laugh a bit because it is so close to being my life. Still, it inspired me to take some extra steps to a full on detox. I think I need it.

l.borrego said...

Sarah Ro, I totally thought about you when I read that I would be eating a gluten free diet! What are some of your favorite grains or crackers? I'm living off of veggies really right now, but would like to pair something with them.