Sunday, March 28, 2010

End of the road

Well today was a fabulous Sunday!  I started the day off by doing some quick shopping for a green top to wear to the game this afternoon.  While I didn't find it at Target, I did spot these super cute cardigans on clearance for $4!  They looked like they were just unpacked from boxes, so I'm not sure why they're already on sale, but I scooped one up.

Then it was off to the game!  Baylor was playing against Duke, and it was an exciting game.  Both teams were giving it their all.  We were leading at halftime...

But sadly the Bears couldn't hold on in the last three minutes.  Still, it was a great day to be a Baylor fan!

After the game I went to the sore to pick up food for the week.  I will be sticking with the detox again for the week.  Even though I splurged yesterday I ate well today...with the exception of a very sweet Mexican cocktail.  I have had a headache ever since and I think it's because of the sugar.  I'm not doing my body any favors by switching my diet so drastically back and forth.

For dinner tonight I had a Mexican fiesta.  I found these delicious chips at the store--wow!  Please go get some, or check out their website to see the other flavors they have.  Chocolate?  Oh, I will be getting those next week.

I bought most of the stuff I ate last week, but now that I have this gluten/dairy-free/vegan eye I was spotting goodies left and right.  I'll share more of my finds throughout the week.

Raise you're hand if you're excited about a four day work week!


rena said...

That's the cardigan! My mom told me last night she's shopping for me and found these "super cute cardigans" on sale at Target - win! Sad about the bears - but glad they made it that far!

Lindsay said...

I got that cardigan in October!! Crazy that they still have them! I'll have to check our Target to see if they have them still. Also, I LOVE those chips also! The multigrain and the sweet potato are my favorites!