Sunday, March 7, 2010

My shopping bag runneth over

Raise your hand if you've been M.I.A.?  The good news is there's only one more week until spring break.  There are no big plans in the works, but lots of little small things that are filling up that week, including a concert, a half marathon, a trip back to Waco, and hopefully trips to Austin, a winery/brewery, the beach, and the rodeo!

But I sitll have one more week to make it through.  I'm happy that I'll do it in style.  I went back to LOFT to pick up things I had tried on last week but hesitated about.  As soon as I left I knew I should have purchased them.

Double Layer Placket Cardigan (a daily staple for me at work and mine has been looking so shabby)

Tulip Wash Modern Boot Leg Jeans (I love this modern boot cut, and all the modern cuts actually)

Next stop: Kohl's.  First I did a bit of in-store shopping:

I also purchased a Nike fitted tank that was on clearance for $14, and then got 30% more off!  Score!

Then I took it to the internet to do some online shopping at Kohl's to buy some items in petite. 

Simply Vera Vera Wang Geometric Tee (I am aware that these two items look very similar.  The top above is a blouse and the one below is a cotton tee.  I wasn't sure which one I would like more so I got both and I'll return one...maybe)

We're in that funky spring-ish season in Texas which means sunny days followed by chilly days followed by random snow.  Then will come the monsoons.  I'm ready to put away the coats and chunky sweaters and make room in my closet for thin flowy shirts, skirts, and dresses.  I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm ready for hot Houston summers!  I'm ready for shorts and running outside at night and getting sunkissed.


Vic said...

Love the finds, esp the grapevine top! Love!

balanceformere said...

I love the cardigan. Sometimes I feel like a schoolmarm in them but that one looks so cool and trendy. I love Simply Vera products.

Enjoy your spring break! Our's isn't until Easter but the students and I are ready for a break.

rena said...

You've def been doing some shopping crazy! Love the cardi and the jeans!