Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sic'em Detox Day 5

Day 5 Menu

Oatmeal w/water, natural PB, banana, sliced almonds

Apple & Grapes

Salad greens topped with roasted veggies

Stadium nachos (chips & cheese)

2 Shiners

As of this morning, I've lost 5 lbs on the detox.  Not too shabby.  I'm excpecting to gain a little back over the weekend since I have lots of events going on, but the detox may be good to try to stick to during the week. Detox from the weekends.  Oh, and I wore my slim jeans which were tight in the booty and the waist the weekend before, and they were just right!  Praise!

Last night I headed to Relient Stadium to watch the Baylor Bears play St. Marys!!!

Sic'em Bears! We a lot.

A friend from undergrad was in the suites and invited us up to watch the Duke/Purdue game.  So nice!

It was a great game, and this Sunday I'll be back to watch Baylor go up against Duke!  Scary, but I'm excited either way.  There was so much green and gold in the stands, it was awesome!

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shea's claw looks weak