Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break Provisions

On Friday night a few of us decided we needed to kick off spring break with a trip to New Orleans!  We booked a hotel around 10 pm and left on Saturday.  I knew that we would be walking around a lot in New Orleans and wasn't sure what the weather would be.  I was expecting cooler temps and so literally rushed out to buy a jacket (that I had already spied a few days ago):

The weather was sunny and gorgeous during the day, and I really only needed a jacket at night...like when I went to snack on some beingets and the most delicious cafe au lait!

I'll post a full recap of the trip, but let's just say on the last day there I had a shoe emergency.  We passed by a Payless and I ran in to see if I could find some sandals.  I grabbed this super cute pair of flat gladiator sandals.  I was able to power walk around the whole city with no problems, and they're so cute!

photo taken once I got home and caught up on Gossip Girl

Ok, now to post pics from the trip!

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♥ jmo said...

You aren't kidding - those are cute sandals! Really cute!