Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I woke up this morning and had to tackle the pile of clothes, bags, and the contents of my purse that had all exploded on my bed.  I pushed them to one side of the bed last night and slept on the other.  So college.

Once I got started putting everything away I felt I needed to just completely clean the closet, my desk, and mop the floor.  So domestic!

I pulled out most of the big sweaters and coats and hung only a few on the side of the closet that I may still wear, and packed the others away.  I also filled two LOFT bags with clothes that I'll drop off at a donation box this week.

I thought I would show you how I organize my closet.  I love organizing my closet, and other people's closet too!  I have been known to invite myself into my friends' closets to ROY G BIV and sort their clothes.  I know they appreciate this/thank them for indulging my OCD :)

Everyone needs a double hanging rack so you can utilize your space.  I have dresses and tops on the top rack, and pants, skirts, and sleeveless shirts on the bottom.

These hanging organizers are great because you can use them as open storage or slide bins in.  I have camisoles in the top bin, folded jeans, and purses, clutches, and belts in the other bins.  I also nailed two over the door shoe racks to the side wall.

And I found my favorite white jeans while I was cleaning!  I've been looking for them!

Purses and clutches

I sort my clothes by ROY G BIV ([white] red, orange, yellow [brown], green, blue, indigo, violet [grey, black])

Slacks, sleeveless tops, skirts

And I tackled my desk and hung up new bulletin boards I got on clearance at Target for less than $5.  I had everything you see here stuff into the one middle board.  Much better now.

Now I'm washing clothes and my sheets, and the Daschund is enjoying my comforter.  He's a baby!


Sarah Beth said...

how fun! I LOVE cleaning closets, I thought I was the only crazy! Maybe we should start careers as prof organizers? Might as well be making money off that craziness!

rena said...

I love organizing/cleaning my closets and I love that you do color coordination as well. I go from white, yellow, orange (ok 1 UT shirt), pink, red, blues/greens, purples, greys, brown, black.

Ok I'm getting excited and sort of want to organize my stuff when I get home...again.

and i love comet.

balanceformere said...

I love that your closet has curtains... so girly! I hate my closet doors so I'm going to tear them down and do the same thing you did. I love organizing my closet because it shows me all the clothes I really do have.

sebower said...

I'm big on closet organization too! I do the ROYGBIV thing too, and I thought I was the only one! Glad to know someone else shares my love of over-the-top closet organization :) I use bins, but for my purses I found this purse organization system that fits on the back of any door and has about 20 hooks that you can move around depending on how big or small the bag is. It changed my life!

Running 365 said...

I'm another ROYGBIVing and people think I'm joking when I tell them! I kind of have the urge to go buy some organizing supplies now!