Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wine and cake!

I knew I would not be doing the detox this weekend since the game was on friday and I was going to a wedding on Saturday.  I resisted that chocolate wedding cake on Monday, but I made up for it last night!  Delicious, moist, chocolate groom's cake!

I stuck to the detox for the first half of the morning, eating oats and a salad (and passing on the pizza that was being served up at work even though that meant I wouldn't eat for another 2 hours).  At the wedding, the detox was out the window! Oh my gosh, I love brie, and mashed potatoes and bread.  Hey, go ahead and bread that chicken breast while you're at it.  And give me a few glasses of fermented grape juice to wash it down :) 

I did have some pineapple and veggies, too.

And then what happened?

Winner!  I caught the bouquet <3

About to go shopping for a cute green top to wear to the Baylor/Duke game this afternoon.  Sic'em Bears!

PS: That is the LC dress, and someone else had it on too.  I hate that!  However, someone also had on the LOFT dress, so I would have been someone's twin either way.  Must say though that the LC dress is super short and sitting down was an issue.  I'm 5'3" and this dress was not a petite, so if you're tall be prepared to stand while wearing this dress.


rena said...

you win! for the bouquet AND the dress!

Vic said...

Such a cute pic of you with the bouquet!