Monday, April 12, 2010

Cap 10K Recap

Right off the bat I hav to say that I loved the Cap 10K!  I loved it 10,000x's more than the Austin Half in every way.  Let's start at the beginning though.

Stayed with my friend C so I brought my own breakfast.  I bought a Kashi instant oatmeal because it had 8 grams of protein compared to basically zero protein in the other brands.

Um, I didn't love it.  Maybe it needed more water but it yeilded about a 1/2 c. of mush.  Don't worry, I was starving at mi 2 and had to go for my Gu early.  The oatmeal tasted good though.

I also chugged a glass of water so I would be nice and hydrated!

C's pup was very intrigued by my pre-race antics

The weather was not so great--super humid to the point that it was misting the entire race.  On the plus side there was no wind, no sun, and therefore no heat index.  It was more humid than my race last week in Houston, but it was actually comfortable since I could still breathe.  I was soaking wet afterwards though, and it didn't make for a fun post-race party after.  People pretty much split.

The run was great and just challenging enough.  The inclines for the first 3 miles were tough, but didn't drain you.  We also ran across Enfield, the street of death, and for some reason running west, instead of east like in the half, was much easier.  Again, not tons of support from bystanders, but enough.  I think this is an Austin thing since everyone is so sporty and there are races all the time.  They're like, so what you ran 6 miles, I do that in my sleep.  In Houston streets are packed for a 5K because while it's a big city, it's not the sportiest one, and therefore there is always lots of support and encouragement.  Or maybe we're just nicer.  Who knows.

We had all agreed to meet up at a designated spot, the penguin sign, after.  My friend C had called me two days before to say she was so excited but would only probably be able to run 1 mi--she hasn't trained and has had some knee problems.  She ran with me the entire race!  So proud of her!   She's also really into spin class and she powered up those hills, and I just tagged along behind her.  Note to self: Must go back to spin class and strengthen my legs.  My friend Laura did awesome in her first 10K post-pregnancy!!!  This girl has ran a marathon before (who is she?!), and has been itching to get back into running.  She did so great and I hope we all get to do another race soon.

3/5 college roommates: C, Laura, me

Since we had signed up for the race through the Run Like a Girl program we were given special access to their tent, complete with brunch, massages, and giveaways!  It was really fun and I hope to see Run Like a Girl at more events.
Brunch = fruit, smoothie, quiche, but I don't like eggs...story to follow

People are encouraged to dress in costume for the Cap 10K and there were some fantastic ones out there, but I only managed to snap a pic of these two groups.  Hello, these people ran with that baby in a baby jogger! I love a family that runs together!

These folks were connected so they had to run together!

After the race we were still hungry so headed to South Congress Cafe.  This place is sort of nice, and we stunk like funk.  Luckily there were a few other runners there.  We had to wait for about an hour, but it gave us a chance to people watch and veg out.  Once we sat down I needed to hydrate stat.

And what did I order?  an Omlet.  Why?  Because the cutie hipster waiter wooed me into ordering the special, even though and hour before I had just proclaimed I do not like eggs.  I'm special.  So I didn't eat my food, and was sad, so I had to order dessert to make up for it.  SO GOOD!  The toffee is homemade and melts in your mouth.  C and I shared half of this, and then she took the rest home.  Still thinking about this....

Not a PR today, but still a fantastic race that I felt really good about.  I also need to tweak the Nike+ a little more, but I definitely utilized it during the hills.  I didn't allow myself to get slower than a 10 min/mi  going up there (because if I had my way I'd walk up them, no lie).  Anyway, my next race is in the end of May, but I'm hoping to find another shorter race before then and also start booking some races for the summer!


rena said...

yay i'm so glad you guys ran this together! miss you guys! and sad about your food - crazy!

Vic said...

Congrats on an awesome race! And mmmmm I love South Congress Cafe!

Laura said...

Oh friend, we will run a race together soon! I'm hoping I can find one that will work before your race on May 22! I just ran a 5K today and pushed Creighton for it- it went well! Minus the fact that my stomach decided to revolt for the last half mile/into the afternoon and is just now starting to calm down :)