Sunday, April 4, 2010

Earth Day 5K Race Recap

Oy vey!  Not the best 5K I've ever done, but I finished.  I think doing two runs yesterday was a little ambitious and I felt it this morning.  My knee wasn't feeling stellar and by mile 2 my glutes were screaming.  The sunshine was out in full force, and while it made the day look gorgeous to lay out in it made running a tad more difficult.  And it was humid.  Oh well, no one's fault but my own since I have been a slacker and it is officially time to step up the training! 

I did buy new running shorts in honor of Earth Day: bright blue, like our planet!  I am in love with the Nike Dri-Fit shorts right now and am considering buying one more pair.  Just one, and then I swear I'm done.

See me?  Hopefully they'll post race pics soon, but my friend was kind to snap this for me!

After the race we got some goodies from the different booths, like homemade energy bars and baby oak trees!  Oh, yes I did plant that bad boy as soon as I got home.  It took about an hour for me to finally cool off and stop sweating like mad, but I definitely enjoyed the rest of the morning just walking around with friends.

Oh, and the prizes for those who placed?  Evergreen starters!  Yes!  Plants!  My friend Kev came in 2nd in his age group and walked away with this little piece of God's creation:

Post-race recovery included a three-hour long nap, pedicure and trip to Pei Wei for some tofu!

So maybe I have a 10K race this next weekend?  And it's in ATX?  I'm out of control.  Run schedule for the week:

Sunday: yoga
Monday: 3 mi
Tuesday: arms/abs
Wednesday: 6 mi
Thursday: arms/abs
Friday: 3 mi
Saturday: off
Sunday: 10K!

And I'm buying a little running goodie tomorrow..I'll keep you in suspense!

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Vic said...

Look at you, baller! Congrats on the race. See ya at Cap 10k? :)