Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Blogginess

And it's on!  She Runs, She Shops is now in full swing.  I need to change my banner, but that will happen later.

My next race is May 22 and I started training for it yesterday.  I think the plan for the next 6 weeks is to run about 3 times a week (2 mi, 5-6 mi, 6-8 mi) with a few baby runs thrown in the last two weeks.

Last night I took my latest running buddy to do some trail running and got in nearly 5 mil.  I opted not to run over this large chunk of mud and back so according to my Nike+ I ran 4.8 mi.  Not too shabby.  The weather was great and I love that its light outside until 8 pm.

Since I'm trying to reduce the sugar intake I bought a slew of Goya coconut waters to drink instead of Gatorade when I run.  Unfortunately I bought sweetened kind!  There's not too much sugar in it, but I need to go on the hunt for the unsweetened kind.  I have had unsweetened coconut water and I won't lie--it taste funky.  The sweetened one was not crazy sugary and tasted fine to me.


Once I make it to Wednesday afternoon it's easy sailing.  It's pretty much the weekend!

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