Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Toys

This is the elevation chart for my 10K this weekend.  While I'm thankful the last 3 mi are pretty much downhill, the first 3 are straight up!  Effing Austin hills!  I'm going to die!  I'm so excited :)

This is the largest 10K in Texas, and the timed race is already full.  I can't wait to see how this 10K compares to the Austin Half/Full.  And I'm super excited about running this race with two of my college roommates, one who will be running with a stroller the whole way!  I'm so inspired by her.

In other news, I now own a Nike+ SportsBand.  When I ran the 5K last week I told my friend I would follow her since I knew she had been training a lot and was running a pace I wanted.  I ended up in front, burned out, and she passed me and left me in the dust!  I had no energy to catch up to her, slowed way down, and ended up with a very sad chip time.  She later told me she looked at her SportsBand and saw I was running about 00:1:30 faster than I had wanted and she was having a hard time keeping up!  After that race I decided I needed something that was going to help me with my pace and immediately went out and purchased a SportsBand.

Since I have Nike+ shoes I just had to slip in the chip under the insole.  I went out on a run and was obsessed with looking at the pace.  When I felt slugish I saw my pace slow down and was motivated to run faster.  My goal was to run with a pace under 9 min/mi, and I did!

It also lets you know how far you've run, which was geat since I love to run in neighborhoods and often have to map out my course online first.  Now I can go run and consult my watch to see if I need to add/cut some more distance.

For $59, I love it.  I'm not ready to commit to the Garmin yet, mostly because of the price and the size.  It's too huge and felt awkward.  Maybe one day, but for now I'm running with Nike+.

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Vic said...

Sweet new gear, lady! Gahhh those hills are going to suck on Sunday.