Monday, May 3, 2010


On Sunday a group of us drove up north to Lake Houston Wilderness Park to check out the trails we’ll be running for the Chupacabra nighttime race. Let’s just say this is going to be an interesting race!

1. Lots of roots, narrow trails, and densely wooded. We ran during the daytime and I easily lost sight of the folks running a few yards ahead of me.

2. I rolled both ankles while running. Nothing serious, I kept running, but I’ll definitely need to be careful.

3. We got lost within the first .2 mi of our run and ran straight into a family’s campsite. Oh, and not just any campsite, a renaissance festival campsite. As soon as we came upon them I thought, “Why is that young adolescent male wearing a cloak while playing horseshoes…and why is his father wearing a cloak as well?” I only saw two tents, but one of them was blue with Merlin the Magician stars all over it. Yeah, they were the real deal.

I have to say running this trail at night is going to be a little scary. When I actually think about the creepy crawlies in the woods—eek! Ok, so let’s not think about. A few more weeks until the race!

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Running Pretty said...

Good Luck on your run!! I was thinking of doing the Chupacabra run in San Antonio. We'll see.