Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fancy PB

On my first trip to NYC to visit a friend we were doing a bit of walking around and came across Peanut Butter & Co., a small little shop that makes PB sandwiches with different spreads and combinations.  It was random and a highlight of that trip.

FF>> eight years later and I'm doing some random healthy food shopping after a run (this happens sometimes.  I'm starving after a run and need to run in to get something quick to eat, which leads me to walking around aimlessly and just looking at everything and buying random things.  I can only justify this if I purchase healthy items).  While looking for coconut butter I spotted this:

Clearly I had to buy it.  I add a dollop to my oats, and have been pairing it with some golden raisins and occasionally walnuts.

Stop it.  You need to find this.  Chocolate and peanut butter?  Maybe I also bought the Cinnamon Raisin Swirl, which is great with apple slices, and I will be buying the White Chocolate Wonderful just for kicks, even though I'm not a huge white chocolate fan.  Check out the whole line here.  Mmmm...The Heat Is On sounds amazing.


rena said...

I LOVE PB & CO! I don't expect to find that here anytime soon :( (why is my word verification 'fails'? PB fail? ;))

sebower said...

I get the one called "The Bee's Knees"'s a PB and honey combination. Quite tasty! I'm always tempted to get the white chocolate kind, but I'm afraid I'll like it too much :)