Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Kicks

I haven't owned fashion sneakers in a few years.  Running shoes, yes, but not sneaks to be worn with jeans in public.  Even when I can wear jeans to work I usually wear cute flats.  I had to break down a few weeks ago when I knew I would be on my feet for two days straight.  I stopped by Shi, the girl Journey's store, and settled on these:

They're the Kingstons by Roxy.  I liked them because they were grey and nuetral.  My students noticed my shoes quickly and approved, I've never had such a strong reaction about something I was wearing.  Shoes are a big deal to middle schoolers.  I also got lots of reactions from my guy friends, which I thought was strange.  It's not like I never wear cute, new shoes.  I finally asked one why, "You got new shoes," were the first words out of his mouth when he saw me and he said it was because I never wear tennis shoes (pronounced "tenny."  Yeah, I'm like that).  I guess it was just a change?

What's funny is that when I put an outfit together I do consider which shoes I'll wear in hopes that members of the opposite sex will notice my cute outfit, my amazing shoes, my fantastic jewelry, etc.  Apparently, I do this in vain because those fellas are not noticing my fab stacked heels that I'm wearing to make my legs a little longer and to make us cheek to cheek (hint, hint).

But they notice fashion sneakers?  So I should stop buying heels.


Look at these cuties!

Oh yes, they are amazing, and I do not care if a guy will never notice them.  They probably will notice the sparkle in my eye and assume it's girly-giddiness from being with them. 

They'll never understand how a cute pair of shoes evokes that sparkle.


rena said...

those are cute - i have a pair of pumas that i love and always on he lookout for a new pair and last summer invested in some converse - taking it back old school - love it!

Vic said...

I love both pairs of shoes! Too funny about guys noticing sneaks but not heels

Running Pretty said...

A girl after my own heart. Love the shoes :)

BTW Boys are ridiculous <--'nuff said.