Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Sex" & Wine

The Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend included a viewing of Sex and the City 2 and a visit to a local winery.  S scroll down because I'm going to say like two things about the movie.
1. THANK YOU FOR AIDAN!  Gorgeous.  Done and done.  He's so big and hot and artsy and I love the way he talks. 

2. This movie is like watching four epis of the show back to back, not at all like the first movie that was so dramatic and theatrical.   There were a few things I wasn't happy about, but again, I'll wait for S to watch it until I share.  Overall, LOVED IT.

Ok, moving on.  After the movie we decided to check out a local winery that I had heard about.  Haak Vineyards & Winery is located in Santa Fe, a few miles west of I-45.  What can I say about Haak...well, their tasting room consists mostly of a huge gift shop loaded with gourmet snacks.  Not so bad.  The tasting area was simply a bar that you had to stand around, and since we went on a Saturday it was pretty crowded.

The wine was disappointing.

The young man serving our tastings was even more disappointing since he knew nothing about their wines/wines in general/how to conduct a tasting.  Perhaps if we had someone a little more knowledgeable pouring and explaining the wine our pallets might have been persuaded to enjoy a few.  Or not.

Their grounds were lovely.  After our tastings we wandered around and decided this would be a fabulous place to hang out and enjoy some wine...that we bought some place else and brought with us.

I really wanted to love Haak because the hosts lots of events for the community, and that makes me happy.  Unfortch Haak wine isn't for me.

Now what redeemed Haak for me?  They sold Vosges chocolate!  My absolute, #1 favorite chocolate in the world ever!  I decided to try the Mo's Bacon Bar and--stop it right now--it changed my life!  I even was kind and shared it with lots of people, including a few of my students.
Side story: I had a history teacher in high school that would share these little hard candies with us that came in a cute tin.  He would pop a few in his mouth and as he was lecturing would offer a few of us one.  I always though that was so neat.  I only had one square left of my chocolate and I divvied it up like Jesus did the fishes and loaves and managed to share it with about six students.  They all liked it and wanted to know where they could buy it.  If anything, hopefully they'll remember me as the teacher that gave them chocolate covered bacon.
So how do you end a day of "Sex" and wine?  Drinks downtown!  We went to Sambuca for tasty cocktails and were entertained by the music and the patrons, and over course gabbed about SATC and our own love lives.  Overall a great holiday weekend!

Haak Vineyards & Winery
6310 Avenue T
Santa Fe, TX 77510
(409) 925-1401

909 Texas Avenue
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 224-5299

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