Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fartleks = My Thighs Feel Like Lead

I thought my first race of the month was this weekend, but false alarm, it's next weekend.  I wanted to change things up for my run tonight.  I switched the route and then decided tonight would be a good night to try some fartleks.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, "fartlek" is Swedish for "speed play."  It's basically just bursts of high intensity training, or sprints.

Since most of my runs are done in neighborhoods I used the short ends of street blocks for my training, sprinting the length of one block and then walking the next.  I got in about 9 sprints.

I ran 1 mi before I started my fartleks, and this is what my run ended up looking like:

1 mi run -->3 sprints-->short run-->5 spints-->red light-->baby sprint/collapse!

What I learned:
*I don't know how to run fast.  I was very aware of how awkward I felt when trying to run full-out. 
*My legs feel like they worked!  And that's always a good feeling
*Fartleks need to be part of my life if I'm hoping to get faster.  I haven't really shaved off much time in my runs, but I also haven't done any speed workouts. Hmmm....

How often do you work on your speed and what do you do?

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Melissa-D said...

Good for you! I have tried Fartleks before, but I've never been consistent enough with them. However, I think it's really how to get faster. I need to commit to do them more once I can start running again!