Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I like Netflixing old flicks

While there are a few new releases that I like to rent (Oh, Wes Anderson,  even Fantastic Mr. Fox was terrific), I mostly like to rent old movies.

Last week I watched All the President's Men (Washington Post journalists that uncover Watergate)

Laura (murder mystery)

And is there I reason I had never seen *St. Elmo's Fire?!

Last night I decided to continue working my way through Hitchcock and watched Murder on the Orient Express.  Think "Clue," but on a train.

What are your favorite classic films?

*I'm wondering how many young adolescent boys decided to play the saxophone hoping it would land them some babes like it did for Rob Lowe.  I know a lot of 80s songs feature the sax, but I had no idea it was considered that sexy!  I died.


rena said...

I haven't seen any of these not even St Elmo's Fire and I really want to!
some of my old favs include
"It happened One Night", "An Affair to Remember", "Rear Window" (hitchcock) and "Sunset Boulevard" :)

Simple Diva said...

I love all things Audrey, is that old enough to be classic?