Friday, July 23, 2010

Lunar Renezvous Recap/Being the "Marker"

Last Saturday I participated in the Lunar Rendezvous which took place on NASA property.  I wish it was a more scenic run--most of it was past office buildings and fields. 

I was thinking about not showing up to the race.  The night before I stayed out way too late and celebrating a friend's brithday at way too many venues and capped the night off at a taqueria.  I woke up at 4 a.m. and chugged three glasses of water.  Luckily during the run I didn't pass out and only felt that mexican food coming up twice.

Now we all know about "markers."  You know, you're running and you keep coming across the same people throughout a race.  Sometimes you use them as a goal, trying to run past them.  Have you ever noticed when you're the marker??  It can be pretty annoying.  I especially hate when I'm slowly but constantly running and someone runs past me, then starts walking, I pass them, then they come running past me again.  Ugh!

Well, I had two markers.  A woman in pink that was running my pace and was just a few feet ahead of me, and a woman in green that kept running past me then walking.  I had I feeling I was her marker, but then I countered her by making her my marker (see how sneaky this whole thing is?).

The first two miles were fine, but the last mile was when I was feeling that mexican food.  I had walked twice before, and was about to walk again when I heard this man giving his 10-year-old son a pep talk about how we were almost done and he needed to run as hard as he could to the end.  I literally walked for like two steps and then picked up the pace and just ran!

Just past the finish line they had a tent with a misting machine (best idea ever/the first I've seen!).  As I stood there catching my breath and being thankful that I didn't puke in public a woman came up and said, "Great job!  I thought you were about to start walking at the end and was like, 'No! If you walk, I'll walk too!'"

Vhat?!  I was someone's marker the whole time and didn't realize?!  I told her thanks, that she did a great job too, and was sooo not sad about being her marker.  In fact, even though it wasn't my best run it felt good knowing that just like that kid's dad was there to encourage him to finish strong that I was able to pass that along to someone too!

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Melissa-D said...

Good job! I'm impressed that you went out there after a night of Mexican food! : )