Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Reunions & Pillow Cases

I drove up to Austin on Sunday to meet up with my besties/roommates from college.  Sirena now lives in Bahrain and usually only comes over twice a year.  She was in town for a family wedding and we all decided to it was the perfect opportunity for a reunion!

We met up for dinner at Moonshine, a group favorite! Everything here is delish, especially the mac'n'cheese.  Everyone ordered it as their side.

Laura, who has always been crafty and has the best handwriting and is a master CD, made each of us our own travel pillow case!  Truly the sweetest, most thoughtful gift ever!  She is always very intentional and thoughtful and picked fabric she thought reflected each of us.  She also was in charge of our mixed CD.  We each turned in the names of a few songs we love at the moment.  It's a great way to connect to your friends!

We all met our freshman year of college at Baylor, and all lived together our senior year.  Apt. #211!  It's rare we're all five together so it's important to get some group shots.  We also decided to bust out a few sorority poses!

While it's fun to remember our college days and be silly with each other (it's so easy), we've done a lot of growing up over the last 10 years.  There's been weddings (and bachelorette parties) and babies (and baby showers).  We were able to spend some time with Laura's sweet baby boy who is growing up so, so fast! 

(We were trying to make him smile/not cry.  Hello, could we be any scarier!?)

Love, Love, Love, Love each of you!!!


rena said...

It was a great reunion, and hello you said 10 years and I'm like, but senior year was only 6 years ago and then I realized, 10 years ago this August would be when I met you and bundy in BIC! That's crazy!!!

TX Runner Mom said...

Looks like a great time!