Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sand Crab Recap

I have been MIA!  These past two weeks have been truly insane...more on that later.  I have lots of quick updates to post and my goal is to blog at least weekly + be more on top of race recaps.

I'm pretty sure I did not blog about the Lunar Rendezvous or Dynamo Run for the Goal.  I'll just say that both of those races were HOT & HUMID!  I have also promised not to complain when it gets cold in Houston.  You can always put more clothes on, but there's only so much you can take off!

I was really happy with the Sand Crab Nighttime race in Galveston.  A few of us spent the afternoon laying on the beach before race time.  We got to teh race at 7 p.m. for the third wave of the packet pick up.  It was very slow, but we got our stuff and were ready to go.  Unfortunately everyone else had the same idea to get their packet just before the race, and as a result the start time got pushed back 45 mins. Oops!  Close to 1500 decided to come out to the race, but since Galveston is so far out of the way and there wasn't a packet pickup location in Houston (only on the island) it was pretty much impossible to get everyone squared away and start on time.  I heard very few complaints, and once the race got started it was awesome!

The breeze was amazing, and at one point I turned around and saw hundreds of white lights coming down the pitch-dark beach.  I can't imagine what it looked like to passers-by on the Seawall.  I opted to run with a flashlight rather than a headlamp since it was a complete fail last time, and I was fine and never got tired of holding it.

I felt awesome, the best I've felt during my 5Ks during the summer.  I took my time and finished at a slow 00:36:00, but just like the Chupacabra nighttime race you have to spend a lot of time jumping over and around holes on the beach.  I swear someone went out along the course and built 20 sand castles complete with moats!

The post-race party was great and even had a complete dinner (BBQ or veggie burger!).  This is the second time I have gotten food only to realize I am NOT hungry after I run.  I'm quite satified with something small, some water, and a beer :)  I ended up chunking this entire plate of food.  I know, I hated me too.

Overall a great race and I can't wait for Run in Texas to come back to Houston!!!

Ready for our nighttime run!

Afterwards.  This was my friend Tessa's first 5K!  She did AWESOME!  Yep, and the food I wasted.  Lame! The Real Ale was tasty though :)

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Melissa-D said...

I've never done a night race, but it sounds like fun!