Tuesday, November 23, 2010

coffee + biscotti

I don't think I drink that much coffee, but when I traveled to Turkey and realized they only served fake Nescafe and went through jet + a caffeine withdrawal I realized I need my cup of joe every day.  Worst detox ever.

I have a stash of instant coffees at work and I make my cup every morning.  I sip it as I teach my first two classes and my students know to help me keep tabs on my travel mug since I have a tendency to set things down around the room (like my coffee, or my keys, or the the remote, or pretty much anything else) and am a hot mess without my coffee.  I am thankful for sweet kiddos who keep me in line.

While having a week off of work is a luxury I do have to say I miss a few aspects of my routine.  I went out and bought some coffee packs today and found a low cal version of my favorite sweet treat:
Stabucks VIA Ready Brew & Nonni's Decadence Biscotti
Only 100 calories! And chocolate biscotti to boot! Where have you been all of my life Nonni?  New favorite!

I enjoyed my midday coffee break, and the daschund enjoyed his midday nap.

Thanksgiving Break is hard work!