Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shoe Review: Brooks Launch

Brooks Launch, $90

So confession: I'm training for a race right now.  A big race.  I've been hesitate to talk much about it because quite frankly I've been terrified since receiving confirmation that I made the lottery, but I am training.  The goal is to finish.  Ner-vous.

That being said, I bought some new shoes a month or so ago and love them.  I went to Luke's Locker and tested a bunch of shoes one Sunday, while wearing a dress.  The shoes specialist assured me he's seen stranger.  My requirements were something lightweight since my Nike Motos were starting to feel very heavy.  I decided on the Brooks despite the bright blue color (You know it was hard for me to buy these knowing there were no other color choices).

I have loved the Launches.  The have made long runs so much easier and my knees and ankles have not bothered me nearly as much during my long runs.

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rena said...

This sounds like the time I went to REI to look for hiking boots in flip flops, a teeny tiny sundress and my hair all done. The guy was like...sureee you can climb a mountain. I'm sure the tennis shoes looked hott with your dress! good luck with the training!