Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Christmas Break To-Do List

Paper and bows from Target

1. Read all of the magazines I subscribe to (and those I buy on impulse)
2. Finish reading Everything is Illuminated
3. Perfect my vacation breakfast of soft boiled eggs (yesterday the yolks were semi-successful, today the shell put up a fight)
4. Find the perfect Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies recipe (this one or this one?)
5. Reintroduce myself to the gym, particularly the elliptical machine and bike
6. Become BFFs with Mari Winsor again (we met up after breakfast this morning and I remembered why I like her so much)
7. Sing carols
8. Buy white round toe pumps
9. And maybe a few new dresses
10. Drink hot chocolate and watch my favorite holiday movies

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