Monday, December 6, 2010

La Porte By the Bay Half Marathon - Recap

This past Sunday was the inaugural La Porte By the Bay Half Marathon here in my hometown.  I was really excited to participate because #1 There aren't too many races held in LP, and #2 we would be running over the Fred Hartman Bridge.

The race organizers were really great and we received lots of fun goodies (Adidas long-sleeved tech shirts, screen printed gloves and hats!)  It was a chilly morning here in Texas which equaled perfect race weather!
All photos taken by Carmen B.

The race started at Sylvan Beach and ran behind the high school to the newly renovated Five Points intersection of downtown.  Old LP received lots of damage from Hurricane Ike and running through the town was a great way to see how people have rebuilt.  Next, we jumped up on 255 (the freeway) and headed up the bridge and against a strong and chilly north wind.  While bridge runs kill the reward is sooo sweet when you get to fly down them! Once at the bottom we turned around, headed back up, and the race ended at Five Points.

The after party was great and had an abundance of tasty treats and cold beverages, but all I wanted wanted was a cup of red beans and rice.  Hello!  Perfect post-run treat and it was so warm!  They also had chicken soup--both homemade.  Too good!

Now, I've been running with my ear buds in my ears the past few races, but haven't been turning on my iPod.  I think it's just a security blanket.  I also forgot my watch and there was no one at the mile markers shouting out the time.  I wasn't sure how I was going to do time-wise.  A few accomplishments:

1. I ran non-stop up the bridge both times
2. I ran non-stop through the whole race (except for the quick swig of water)--a first for me!
Since I didn't have my watch I had no idea about the time or my pace, but as I got close to the finish I saw that I was going to PR by about 20 mins!  I screamed to my friends who were at the finish waiting for me and the announcer heard and gave me a shout out.  So exciting!!!!
All photos taken by Carmen B.
It was a really special race, not only because I got a PR or because it was in my hometown, but because my speed racer running buddies were there, too, and we've known each other since high school.  I love that we were able to come "home" and run this race together. 
All photos taken by Carmen B.
Amazing race, great organizers, a bridge challenge and awesome swag--I can't wait to run it again next year!

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