Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sugar Land Finish Line Sports 30K

Remember that day I ran 18.6 miles?  My knees will remember for quite a while, promise!

This was the final race in the Warm Up Series leading up to the Houston Marathon.  I have never run more than 13 miles before so I've been very nervous about this part of my training, but I'm so thankful for these races.  Would you rather run 18 miles on your own or do it with a thousand people, volunteers, and supporters? 

The weather was perfect to run in, about mid 40s and it rose to the low 50s.  There were about 1400 runners out there.  I felt great for the first 15 miles, but then my arches starting hurting, followed by my knees.  I averaged about a 10:23 pace up until that point and then I slowed to 11:00, then 11:30...I think I was at around 12 min miles the last 2.6 miles of the race.  Those last couple of miles were really painful and I was getting discouraged.  However, I kept telling myself to be proud of the fact that I was still moving, that I've never ran that far before, and that it would all be over soon!

The race started at Sugar Land Town Square (outdoor mall) and then headed toward a very fancy neighborhood.  We ran a loop three times through their hood before heading back to the mall.
Pros about this race:
  • Cute medal (snowflake) and long sleeve tech shirt
  • Tons of volunteers along the route handing out water, cheering you on and shouting pace times
  • Great way to knock out an 18 mile run
Cons about this race:
  • All racers shared 2 lanes.  It made for some congestion at the beginning, especially for the crazy fast runners
  • There could have been a bit more entertainment since headphones weren't permitted. A few people had their windows rolled down in their cars and were playing music, but I think there were only two
  • After party was not so great.  Efficient because they handed you bag of snacks, but they only had sodas and cups of water available after.  There were some bananas too.  I don't care about the food as much as I would have LOVED Muscle Milk or something after.
Still, I'm pretty happy with the race and I definitely encourage people training for the Houston Marathon to take advantage of the Warm Up Series.

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TX Runner Mom said...

Congrats on the 30K! I've heard that one was a doozy!