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Chevron Houston Marathon Recap

Chevron Houston Marathon
January 30, 2010

So I can say I'm a marathoner.  Wahoo!  As I said, I ran slow (as is evident by my time), I felt good, and therefore when I crossed that finish I was already thinking about how I could do better on my NEXT marathon.

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To recap the race weekend, the Saturday before the Marathon Texas Children's Hospital puts on a kids fun run and the coaches from my school got a group of students together to go down and run.  I was excited to volunteer to chaperon and run with the students.  A few of the adults who knew I was running the next day told me I should just walk, but please, it's not like I was going for a Boston QT.  Running a mile and a half was not going to effect my time or bod the next day! 

Favorite moments from that day:
1. When the kids realized they were going to run OUTSIDE on THE STREET!  For 10-12 year olds, that is a big deal!  They thought they were going to run around inside of the convention center.  I had so much fun running with them.  Poor things, they start off sprinting and wanted to die by the first 1/4 mile!

2. When they said, "Miss, I'm tired.  And you're going to run 26 miles tomorrow?!"

I am so glad I got to share my marathon experience with my students.  I keep all of my medals and bibs in my classroom and they notice when I add one and ask all about a race.  Cute!  Before I left school on Friday I received this super great sign:
My favorites were, "Try your best," "Finish it!" "Don't quit," "Good luck, Miss!"  I really did think about these kind words during my run.

Reason #1 Houston Marathon is AMAZING: Best expo/post-race party ever.  I have yet to see a better organized, swag-sliggin' race.   (Reason #2 is that Houston's course is pretty flat and therefore you can get a pretty good time)  Obvs I took time to get a photo op on the red carpet.

So it was basically supposed to monsoon the entire race.  There was a strong possibility that the race could be cancelled.  I was so stressed out.  I didn't know what to wear or if I should go out and buy a rain jacket.  After talking to some seasoned runners I followed their advice and just ran in normal gear and brought extra socks.  Best advice ever.  While it was cold, I wasn't weighed down.

My family came out to watch and were my "pit crew."  I told them I needed peppermints, socks, chap stick, and my GU.  When I passed them the first time I was puzzled to see they had a folding chair set out for me. "Don't you want to rest," they asked?  Hello! NO!  If I stop I'll never finish! haha.  They were amazing and I was always so happy to see them. 

There were only a few moments where I was a little miserable and sad.  Moment #1 is when my feet were sloshing in my shoes and I kept thinking of seeing my fam and putting on socks.  When I finally met them they told me the socks were in the car.  They saw how sad I was, and I don't know how they did it, but they managed to meet me within the next two miles to give me my socks!


 A few people from work came out too.  My friend kept saying, "I can't believe you're smiling at mile 14!", "I can't believe how happy you are at mile 21!"  The Houston Marathon has so many supporters along the entire route and entertainers that there is never a dull moment--Reason #3 Houston Marathon is amazing.  (And I've heard it's more entertaining than the Rock'n'Roll series...)

At the very end of the race you run through downtown, which is the most depressing stretch because no one is on the streets because everyone is at the finish line.  My group of running friends surprised me at the last mile and ran with me to the last stretch.  I was so happy to see them!!

Dunzo! Loved it! Want to do it again! 

So, five months later I'm waiting to see if I'll be running the 2012 marathon.  As I prepare, these are the things I'm going to do differently:

1. I'm going to run with someone.  I ran by myself and it got kinda lonely out there.  You really start to feel all five hours!  

2. I'm going to run with a pace group. I was worried about my legs giving out and not finishing and therefore ran a lot slower than I needed to.  I know I can be way faster!!

3. I'm shedding some pounds! 

4. I'm strengthening my legs via the bike

5. LOTS OF YOGA.  I've had serious hip and groin issues this year and bi-weekly yoga is a must.


Running 365 said...

Yay! Glad to hear the full recap. I love the comments from your kids. And I love how they call you "Miss!" My first year teaching I had to sleep listening to my iPod because all I would hear when I closed my eyes was "Miss!" "I need you, Miss!" "Help me, Miss!" "I don't understand this, Miss!" I'm at a different school with a different demographic now and don't get that anymore and it seems cute now!

It also completely cracks me up that your family had a chair out for you. They look so supportive and sweet!

"L" said...

I love when they call the men teachers "mister" (and love it even more when they say "meester") <3