Monday, June 13, 2011

>>FF>> thru the past 5 month

Reasons why this blog has been neglected:
1. The balance between work + fun life + training > blogging
2. Lack of material I felt was share-worthy
3.  When I choose to ignore something, I go all the way.  This is my first time even logging into blogger, which means I haven't even read blogs.  I'm amazing at apathy sometimes.

Reasons why I am considering resurrecting this blog:
1. I just filled up my fall race calendar and got really excited.
2. I have a few big events planned before the end of the year that I want to report on, like my wedding.
   2a. SIKE! No wedding in sight. Though I can't wait to blog about that some day.
   2b. If you have a prospect for me please let me know.  I'll have to share my list with you...maybe I emailed it out to work folks.  I think a great staff development activity would be finding me my husband.  It would be like Where in the World is Carmen San Diego: Find Me a Husband Edition.
3. I realized that I have missed lots of updates from people I really enjoy, and that needs to be remedied, stat!

So here is a quick update of the past few months.

I completed my first marathon. I was nervous, ran pretty slow, but ultimately had a great experience with minor discomfort. I will have to write a post about my first marathon experience, because as I think back there were so many awesome moments. I am in the lottery for the 2012 marathon and will find out in by the end of the month!

No races (and v. little running) this month!  I felt like I blinked and February was over.  I did support some friends as they ran the Galveston Mardi Gras Marathon and Half Marathon. 

Marathon finisher and 2nd in his age group!

I ran the Seabrook Lucky Trails Half Marathon.  A few people from work also ran which was a lot of fun.  Work Running Club!  I'm excited at the possibility of promoting more race opportunities to my co-workers this fall.

Maybe I went to Paris?!  A few friends ran the Paris Marathon and I tagged along.  I decided international races are the best excuse to travel!  I was able to participate in a 5K fun run the day before with a few hundred people from around the world.  So fun!!!

I participated in an 7K Toga Run! And yes, I am wearing Vibrims these days.

And now we're in June!  All caught up! Whew!  Can't wait to catch up with everyone else's blogs <3


Rachel said...
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Running 365 said...

So jealous of your last 5 months! A marathon, Paris, an international race, Vibrams, and a costume race?!?! I'd love to hear more about any or all of that.

Laura (Bandida Blog) said...

Wow, you have had a great past 5 months. I can understand not blogging through all that excitement.
You have seriously inspired to run my first marathon in a foreign country. Paris, France sounds lovely. :)

The Scott Family said...

Has it really been that long?? I guess I have been busy too because I thought I was still updated with your life!