Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Essentials

I'm writing this on my iPhone using the BlogPress app. Uploading pictures was super easy and the only draw back is that I can't type as fast. Still, I'm blogging from a Chinese Cafe across town!

I went to Marshall's yesterday and hit the jackpot. This summer I'm all about dresses. I refuse to buy shorts this season. Check out my finds:

All $19.99!! I'm wearing the last one today with a skinny leather belt, orange sandals and a chunky necklace.

However, the best find was this:

Hello! New Fuel Belt! I bought a 4-bottle belt last summer when I was dying from heat and dehydration but realized it was just too much. I couldn't justify buying the 2-bottle so soon after even though I never used my old belt though.

When I saw this I screamed. They were selling the 4-bottle belt for $9.99 and I scored my new belt for $7.99!

You know I immediately researched and the cheapest I found this belt online was for $27.99 plus s/h.

I love when I win.

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