Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Cat Peed In My Gym Bag

I kept smelling the strangest smell in my room.  I couldn't pinpoint what it was.  It was a little sweet, maybe a little salty, and definitely made me gag.  It was sort of musky, which made it envelope an entire room.  I could not figure out what it was.

After searching around my room like a bloodhound I found the smell to be coming from my gym bag.  The entire bag smelled, but when I opened the bag the pungent air slapped me in the face.

I realized it was pee.  Cat pee.

I do not own a cat.  I'm never around cats.  I don't go to people's houses that have cats normally (My people are dog people).  I had recently visited a friend's parent's bay house and they had cats.  Lots of them.  One day we couldn't find a certain cat and later realized he had been hiding in the room I was staying in for like 2 days.  I immediately realized that that cat must have crawled into my gym bag and peed two days worth of suppressed urine.  He probably passed a stone in there, too.

I took everything out of my bag to wash it out, but realized I had no bleach wipes (and this bad boy needed to be doused in bleach).  When I came back from the store I went to use the restroom and realized the entire room smelled of cat pee.  Now, I had empty the contents of the gym bag in the restroom, but I left the bag itself in the kitchen.  I was even more irked that I would be scrubbing my swim cap and goggles (which touch my face!), etc.  When I went to the kitchen there was no smell.  When I opened the bag to start cleaning it there was no smell.  I got all bloodhound on that bag again, sniffing the outside corners and inside, and no smell.  Mystery.

I went back to the restroom and started sniffing each item, and Bingo was his name-o. The adorable gold-speckled jelly flip flops that I had purchased at Old Navy and had been using at the gym pool reeked.  They were brand new so it's not like they got all smelly like fake-leather Payless shoes.

I have since taken my suspicions to Google ("old navy jelly sandals stink smell") and have discovered that I am not alone.  In fact, one girl said she noticed the smell in the store but couldn't tell where it was coming from and didn't realize it was the jelly sandal display.

Basically, I can't throw these shoes away because they're amazing, even though they smell like cat pee and make entire rooms smell like cat pee and were on sale for like $4.50.  They have been banished to live in the garage when  not in use.


Running 365 said...

That is so weird! I'm glad that the cat wasn't responsible though. Cats are a lot more courteous than they get credit for. My cat only went inside the house one time when she was a kitten and it was because she ate butter (long story) and got sick. She knew better than to go on my rug though so she literally spread out a newspaper with her paws (I thought she was just playing) and did her business on that. That's why I'm a cat person.

Melissa-D said...

Weird!! Wow...the things girls do for fashion! ha. I don't blame you...I wouldn't throw them out either...they are cute!

Of course, now anytime I smell cat pee, I'm going to look around to see who is wearing those flip flops!

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