Saturday, July 30, 2011

Elliptical Love

I neglected my gym last year because I was never able to make it to any classes that I swore by.  Body Pump and Spin changed my life a few years ago and after I relocated to Houston those classes either weren't offered or filled up.  Rather than find other things to do in the gym I just opted to run.

I've had groin problems for a few years--minor discomfort--but after the marathon last year it got much worse.  A PT friend of my told me that it was most likely due to repetitive movement and not stretching or strengthening that part of my leg.

Moves that were once effortless during yoga became painful.  Child Pose?  Yeah, that was too much.  However, I hadn't been doing yoga as regularly as I used to.  Stretching before or after I ran?  Never did that to begin with.  I basically came to the conclusion that I need to up the yoga and the stretching, and sure enough there's been a noticeable change.

Part of the reason I loved Spin and Body Pump was because I saw tremendous muscle definition in my legs.  I decided to go back to using the elliptical at the gym and sure enough in as little as two weeks I can see a difference.

I set the variety or hill climber program because there is a lot of resistance to work my legs and an hour later I'm done.  That hour flies by because of this:


Let's talk about how I love watching stuff at the gym that I NEVER watch at home.  The Jersey Shore and any True Life epi is fascinating enough to make me forget about all the work I'm doing.  And I'm that girl that's reading the captions and talking to the TV or making crazy faces as I judge what's happening.  I also laugh out loud...a lot.

Ew, True Life: I Have Acne was borderline too much for me.  My facial expressions alternated between lemon-juice-squeezed-in-my-eye and mouth-agape-in-disgust. 

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