Monday, July 11, 2011

Figgy Sandwich

When I went to Turkey a few years ago my breakfast was always the same: toast with fig jam, some cheese and a few salty olives. I also loved that they served honey straight from the comb: propped between a wooden rack, the honey just oozed down.

Figs in the grocery store always seem overpriced. I caved the other day and bought 5 little figs for about $2. The verdict? Totally worth it.

I made the mistake of eating three of the figs straight away by themselves. I've since wised up and this sandwich is my favorite way to enjoy and stretch this fruit.

2 slices of 40 cal honey wheat bread
A wedge of Laughing Cow blue cheese
2 thin slices of ham
1 fig thinly sliced
A drizzle of honey

Assemble then grill (lets talk about how I still use the ol' George Foreman every day. So college!)

1 comment:

Albus Adventures said...

That looks really good Laura! I might have to try that even though the only fig I've ever had is a Fig Newton!