Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cancellations = Lame

Remember when I signed up to do the swim portion of a relay?  Remember when I started putting in some time in the pool and even did an open water swim?  Remember when I paid $40 and found out I had to pay another $10 because apparently for triathlons you have to have some sort of USAT membership/insurance that running races don't have to mess with?

Remember when I ordered this new swimsuit that will arrive on my doorstep tomorrow:

Remember when I got this email:

LAME!  Totally understandable because it has not significantly rained in Houston since March, and the sky has only let down a teaser shower twice this summer at my house.  Still, I'm very disappointed.  I've been looking forward to this race.  The swim will be replaced with 1 mile run.  Um, hello, I'm paying $50 to run a mile?

Actually, I'm not.  My friend that was going to run the 5K has kindly switched with me.  We each signed up with for a leg of the race that was different/new to us, and while she's been putting in the time when she heard about the change she was more excited about running a mile :)

Have I ever mentioned how the 5K distance is my least fave?  I would rather run 10K or half any day!  It takes my bod 2.5 miles to get into the groove.  Oh well, 5K it is!

I totally understand when things like this happen, and I'm just glad I got a heads up.  Showing up to a race and having it cancelled on the spot is awful.

Hopefully next spring I'll get my first taste at the triathlon world.  Until then, I've got a marathon to train for!

Most expensive 5K ever.


Running 365 said...

That sucks. Well, at least you're mentally/equipmentally prepared for next time.

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