Thursday, August 4, 2011

Current Favorites

My Fuel Belt.  Even for my baby 3 mi runs, I'm having to take water with me because like the rest of America the heat idex is over 100 degrees.  Maybe I almost passed out in the park after running only about 1 mi.  Straight up tunnel vision.  Where was my new Road ID?  In my gym bag.

Oh my goodness, look at that daschund!

That I wised up and taped my training plan to the inside of my planner.
My new favorite Sally Hansen Insta-Dry polish.  I love the entire line and this Brisk Blue is so fun.  When I went out for my open water swim there were a few teeny-tiny fish that kept swimming around my toes,

Not my favorite are the weird long blisters I get on my arch from my running shoes. This is like the 3rd time and I was wearing a different pair of shoes.  Werid.

Back to my favorites, I ordered a different Designer Whey for me to try.  100 cals, 18 grams of protein!  And since I ordered off Amazon I got two canisters for the price of one and free two day shipping (I totally think Amazon Prime is worth it).

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