Sunday, August 7, 2011

More Teacher Clothes

My teacher wardrobe consist mostly of dresses or pants/cute top.  I also try to buy things that I can wear on the weekend.  A cute work top might also look good with jeans.  I don't think anything I wear to work can transfer to the clubs (hello, who says clubs anymore? And when was the last time I went to one?  I think 2008).

I have been looking for dress pants with a slimmer leg.  Last night while browsing I came across their Premium Collection and spotted the True Straight pants.  Sold!

I've also been looking for a denim blouse to wear with black pants or khakis, but have the hardest time.  Flowy shirts like this are hard for petite people.  I usually have to buy a size smaller and it's tight in the bust, or buy my size and have an excess of material in the armpits and back ala The Hunchback of Notre Dame. 

I found this denim blouse on the Old Navy website and ordered it in petite!
I'm excited to get these items.  I was able to get free shipping and I used a coupon code on the Gap purchase (30off) and Old Navy (expired last night).  I saved $15!